TIMmunity Security Product Framework

Email Immunity

An endpoint email security tool that helps control mail flow, clean it and protect against malware and unwanted email spam.

device immunity

A trusted cyber security solution with virus and malware protection that provides a backup for complete data protection.

office immunity

A comprehensive anti-malware solution that protects everything by delivering multilayered advanced threat protection.

backup immunity

An all-inclusive, unified solution that integrates data backup and cyber security, protecting your your entire digital life.

move immunity

An integrated solution that helps relocate email accounts and/or cloud storage with a single click in a protected environment.

transfer immunity

An innovative, fast, and secure SaaS platform for sharing and transferring large files via emails as embedded links.

QR Code

An all-inclusive QR code generator. Create, customize, manage and track all your QR codes in one place with unified cyber security.


Best-in-class, scalable, and secure URL shortening and campaigns management platform to make your digital life easy.


Send, receive, monitor, and manage your emails through encrypted connections using this reliable and cyber-secure mail server.


Store, access, share and manage your emails from any device using this mail server with uninterrupted speed and comprehensive cyber protection.


A high-fidelity mail server to help users access their emails instantly and securely from all their mail clients or mobile devices.


Access, move, and manage your emails from any mail client or mobile device through encrypted connections ensuring cyber security.

Frequently Asked Questions

We immunize the devices of our end customers and the digital office of our commercial customers.

This voucher selling system is built for resellers to buy and sell TIMmunity product vouchers. With this reseller program, you can buy vouchers related to specific products (aikQ, transfer immunity, move Immunity, etc.) and resell those vouchers to your current and prospective customers at a profit. Moreover, anyone can get these vouchers from vendors owning them and having the code keys they get through product Immunity and use them to use TIMmunity solutions at lower rates.

Vouchers can only be redeemed for the products offered by TIMmunity GmbH that have been saved in the vendor account after purchase.

No, that is not possible.

No, because he’s only paying for the used vouchers.

A submitted order cannot be modified.

The usage fees are applied on the purchased vouchers. It means the reseller will only be charged for the used voucher codes and not for all the vouchers he purchased.

No, the vouchers are non-refundable.

No, you can purchase as many vouchers as you want for one or more TIMmunity products.

Product Immunity vouchers don’t have an expiration date.